30th January – The Godless Delusion – If you tell people not to think about elephants, they will think about elephants. And, in US schools, Jesus is the elephant.”
25th October – Education? It’s mission impossible for Obama – “As states are still in charge of education legislation, the president is really just a man with a plan, and a large pot of cash.”
15th September – How do you get seven classes in six classrooms? – “Class scheduling is a complex optimisation problem. Even mathematicians with sophisticated computer algorithms struggle to make everything fit neatly.”
8th July – Take your tablets, and let’s begin the lesson – “In the world of 1830, naughty children had to wear sacks and were raised up in baskets to sit above the classroom and feel the ridicule of their classmates”
31st May – What price liberty? “The system of “contracting” schools shows little sign of stopping.”
22nd March – Taking the reins – “So confident were Quaker bosses of their ability to sell drinks that they ignored warnings about differences between the products, only to wipe $1.4 billion of value from the Snapple brand in just over two years. But how?”
15th February – Stars & Gripes – “American high schools look just like they do in the movies…  But eerie familiarity aside, unless you have ever attended or taught at a US school, it is likely that everything you thought you knew about them is wrong”.
23rd Dec – How to take Toby’s tale with a pinch of salt – Times Education Supplement
29th April – Free school founders and newly weds face the same pitfalls – Times Education Supplement